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About Us

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a nonprofit nationwide network of mental health professionals dedicated to providing in-office and online mental health care—at a steeply reduced rate—to clients in need.

Mission and Vision

Open Path provides people in need with access to transformative and affordable mental health care.

We envision a just, compassionate world where all people can easily access the care they need to thrive.

In partnership with mental health clinicians in private practice throughout the fifty states and Canada, Open Path provides middle and lower-income level clients with access to affordable mental health care.

By the Numbers

Clients Matched
Open Path has matched more than 122,000 clients across the country to affordable psychotherapeutic care.
Students Enlisted
Open Path has had over 60,000 students sign on to take one of our affordable online wellness classes.
Years Running
Founded in 2012, and launched in the spring of 2013

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Meet Open Path, the first recognized nonprofit leader in helping people access affordable high quality psychotherapy services.

Meet Our Core Team

Samantha Lopez Carrizales
Program Associate/OPPC
Samantha earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Anthropology from Princeton University. She is passionate about advocacy, particularly around immigration issues, and ensuring that marginalized comm... More
Sheena Ruffin
Director of Community and Marketing
A proud Brooklyn native and recent Stockholm transplant, Sheena brings over 16 years of experience working in diverse environments, leading marketing and social media initiatives across the globe. Fro... More
Maggie Schroder
Program Manager
Maggie brings her nearly four years of experience at Open Path to the Program Manager role. Maggie earned her Bachelor of Social Work at NC State where she focused on interpersonal violence prevention... More
Pam Cuevas
Program Coordinator/OPPC
Pam earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology, pursuing the ‘Body, Mind, and Health’ independent study path within the major. During her time at Hunter College, Pam assisted in severa... More
Elizabeth Thompson
Community and Social Media Manager
Elizabeth earned a Master’s Degree in Arts Administration in 2016 and has been working in Marketing and Communications roles ever since. She enjoys working collaboratively to tell digital storie... More
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Juman Khweis
Program Associate/OPPC
Juman (pronounced Jew Mann) holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco (USF) and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate (LMFT-A). While she h... More
Melanie Wagner
Program Coordinator/OPPC
Melanie comes to Open Path with a decade of experience working in education and social services. She holds a B.S. in Adolescent to Young Adult Education from Bowling Green State University and has ser... More
Charla Davis
Program Coordinator/MHE
Charla graduated from the University of Alabama as a Blount Scholar with a BA in Studio Art. Her passion for accessibility in schooling brought her to Detroit to pursue service opportunities within ed... More
Lisa Isenhart
Deputy Director
As Deputy Director, Lisa Isenhart directs and oversees Open Path’s programs and operations. She wholeheartedly supports Open Path’s mission to provide people in need with affordable resources for ... More
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Paul Fugelsang
Founder, Executive Director
Paul has worked in the mental health field since 1996 with a focus on projects committed to improving mental health services for lower-income individuals and families. Before beginning his own private... More
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Board of Directors

Myleik Teele
Myleik Teele is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of curlBOX, the first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair. Juggernaut brands such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Unileve... More
Amy Durso
  Amy Durso is an educator and musician. Her specialty areas include working with children with severe emotional and learning disorders and positive behavior management program design and impleme... More
Patricia Calastro Ortiz, LCSW
Trish has spent the last 20 years of her career at Esperanza, NY Inc., a program that works to reduce reliance on out of home placement, jail, and prison for NYC’s justice involved young people... More
Paul Bialek
Paul Bialek is a psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder Colorado. He works with individuals, couples and groups. Prior to moving to Boulder, he ran a non-profit mentoring program for teens in ... More