Premarital counseling is a specifically focused type of therapy that helps couples navigate the major decisions and stressors that they face in the process of getting married or deciding to get married.  When two people have been in a relationship and decide to consider marriage, they may find that their relationship dynamic changes.  Premarital counseling will help the couple communicate and work together during this potentially stressful time.

Issues to Discuss

  • Financial troubles
  • Religious differences
  • Conflicting family ideals
  • Parenting styles
  • Past mistakes in the relationship
  • Goals for the future

Knowing What to Expect

Many couples can get married and think they will be different from others and expect only good outcomes.  There are many good outcomes, but a couple needs to know that they must anticipate changes to their relationship after marriage.  It’s important not to overemphasize the wedding and to instead realize the totality of what comes after.


Premarital counseling may seem more like an aid to decision making than actual psychotherapy, but the goals are essentially the same.  Counseling encourages open and healthy communication between partners to ensure that both people are on the same page with similar expectations.   Some people find themselves overwhelmed by the stresses of turning a relationship into a marriage; premarital counseling can help to make these worries less daunting and help a couple focus on enjoying the process of getting married.