People dealing with entitlement often have false or unfounded feelings of being exceptional. Maintaining relationships is difficult as well as keeping steady employment.

Symptoms of Entitlement

• expectation of favorable treatment
• over-inflated sense of self-worth
• obsessive-like thoughts of achievement
• feelings of superiority
• feelings of exception or specialness
• disregard to rules or laws


An inflated sense of entitlement usually runs rampant when, during a person’s childhood, efforts were overly praised, menial tasks were heavily rewarded, or natural egotistical tendencies were not directed to appropriate behaviors.


Therapy can help understand and work through these feelings, creating a supportive, nonjudgmental environment to correct behaviors that may be off-putting or seen as a hindrance for furthering social relationships. A therapist can help cultivate empathy and a grounding experience for clients in order to better adjust to the surrounding environment.

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