At the heart of any conflict there is almost guaranteed to be a failure to communicate.  Communication problems don’t just affect romantic relationships but can also appear among families and in the workplace.  This can be as simple as one person misunderstanding another or as complex as one person in a relationship failing to adequately communicate their own needs to a partner.


  • Failing to communicate one’s own needs to a romantic partner
  • Failure to listen to the needs of a partner
  • Communicating aggressively or inappropriately through violence and rage
  • Using insults to communicate
  • Avoiding discussions about painful topics
  • Assuming others know what you need


It is likely that communication problems come from a person’s childhood experiences.  As a child, they learned that physical aggression got them what they wanted or that manipulating others was easier than communicating directly.  Communication styles are learned behaviors that are learned at a young age and reinforced throughout the life cycle.


When communication issues occur in a relationship a therapist can act as a mediator and create a safe space for both partners to voice concerns openly and effectively.  Therapists can also teach tools and skills to promote active listening and ensure that a message has been received while also decreasing aggressive and unhealthy methods of communicating.

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