Being diagnosed with cancer is not only a serious medical concern, cancer patients are subject to immense psychological stress as a result of being diagnosed, dealing with debilitating treatment, and possibly learning that their illness is terminal.  Anxiety, fear, and depression are common responses to learning that a loved one has a terminal illness.


  • It is completely natural to be afraid and even angry.
  • Much of the anxiety surrounding a cancer diagnosis can be attributed to social stigma about the disease.
  • The close friends and family members of a cancer patient must also cope with the situation.
  • Substance abuse and denial can occur when a patient struggles to accept their diagnosis.
  • Excess stress is known to have negative effects on the body, including its potential to affect tumor growth and spread.
  • Financial stress can be overwhelming when a patient can’t pay for their treatment.
  • Patients not only fear death, they also fear becoming a burden on those who will support and take care of them.


Therapy can be very helpful in conjunction with cancer treatment.  Terminal illnesses force a person to suddenly deal with big questions like death and religion.  Psychotherapists with psycho-oncology training specialize in these issues and know how to discuss sensitive subjects with patients.  Support groups also exist for cancer patients and their family members where individuals come together and share their experiences.

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