• Physical assaults: punching, kicking, pushing
  • Insults
  • Name Calling
  • Humiliation tactics
  • Threats


It has been theorized that boys are encouraged to bully when they are told to be more aggressive and competitive as children.  Antisocial behavior can be a sign of a bully’s presence.  It’s also possible that those who engage in bullying have themselves been bullied or abused.  Exposure to violence at young ages can cause a child to go on to commit acts of violence.


It is crucial not to blame the victim.  Many people know that bullies prey on the weak and so believe that the weak deserve what they get or somehow ask for it.  If a child is a victim, it is important to recognize that they are in need of assistance in handling the situation, beyond simply being told to “fight back.”  There is a potential for suicidal thoughts among bullying victims and these should always be taken seriously.  A therapist can spend time getting to know a victim and give them the validation and appreciation they are not receiving in other social situations.

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