Traumatic experiences, such as loss, a car accident, war, or abuse, are difficult to recover from. Stress from the situation often can lead to anxiety, anger, guilt, and feelings of disconnection. After experiencing trauma, psychological and physical symptoms are likely to occur.

Common Symptoms of Trauma

• confusion
• shock
• fatigue
• racing heartbeat
• anxiety
• depression
• aggression
• guilt


Typically, symptoms last for a few days to a few months. But sometimes, people need help processing trauma. Triggers, such as specific sights or sounds, can cause symptoms of trauma to reemerge. Medication is available to reduce symptoms such as anxiety. Therapy can curb tendencies to drink or misuse substances in reaction to trauma. Psychotherapy seems to be the most helpful treatment for trauma. A therapist can guide clients to reprocess the event, enabling control over the emotional response of the situation.

We Can Help

Open Path’s therapists offer beneficial services that encourage insight, self-reflection, and healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapists offer clients the support necessary to heal from unresolved trauma.

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