Sexual addiction, or sex addiction, is an excessive or compulsive behavior surrounding sexual activities without any regard to consequences of either the individual or the individual’s sexual partners.

Common Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

• compulsory masturbation
• extramarital affairs
• unsafe sex
• prostitution
• impulsive viewing of pornography
• molestation


A sexual addiction could be the result of mismanaged emotional regulation, where sex at one point acted a sort of medication for emotional turmoil and then turned into an uncontrollable compulsion. Childhood abuse or abnormal exposure to sex, such as lack of sexual education or a parent/guardian having an affair, could also cause sexual addiction.


Treatment for sex addiction can include therapy which helps a client to recognize possible triggers, redirect negative behaviors, and uncover any underlying condition or past abuse that may cause the addiction. A therapist can help reestablish self-esteem and cultivate appropriate behaviors and healthy relationships.

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