Power is the control and influence that comes from being the dominant party in any situation.  Those in power are typically thought to dominate a situation, but there are other ways to exercise power, both creative and destructive.

The Positive

Absolute power is said to corrupt absolutely.  Those who are elected to power in the government are thought to have a healthy power that is not absolute.  This works through a series of checks and balances.  Similar expressions of power may exist in our daily lives: those who supervise us at work, those whose opinions we respect, and authority figures like law enforcement officers.

The Negative

Certain mob-like environments cause people to shed their identity and become part of an anonymous crowd.  This leads people to engage in behaviors they otherwise would never commit, including acts of mass violence.  Experiments in social psychology have shown that people can be made to commit violent or oppressive acts if they believe they are simply following orders and the responsibility will lie with someone above them.

In Therapy

On a personal level, some people may crave power and control over their environments.  These people may benefit from psychotherapy because they will spend time with a therapist analyzing their deeper needs and behaviors.  This added insight into their personality will help them to overcome certain maladaptive behaviors and grow as a person.

We Can Help

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