Obesity is a bodily condition of excess weight. A person’s body mass index surpasses the overweight spectrum of bodily fat, leading to possible medical conditions such as diabetes or other health problems.

Body image and social discrimination can be prevalent in a person’s life when dealing with obesity. Binge eating and purging can exacerbate this, as well as the societal pressure to conform to slim physical ideals.

Common Ramifications of Obesity

• depression
• fatigue
• diabetes
• sleep apnea
• heart disease
• high blood pressure
• stroke

Causes and Treatment

Sometimes, the cause of obesity is behavioral in nature. A therapist can offer support and guidance in planning healthy meals and developing an exercise routine. Other times, obesity is caused by something less controllable, such as hypothyroidism. Medication can help, but therapy can also aid in dealing with outside pressure and anxieties.

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