People with a narcissistic personality tend to lack empathy for others, taking advantage of people to meet their own needs. Feelings of being exceptional and inflated importance are prevalent. Jealousy and problems with self-esteem may contribute to difficulty sustaining healthy relationships.

Common Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality

• expectation of favorable treatment
• self-centered thought patterns
• unstable relationships
• unfounded feelings of superiority
• frequent feelings of jealousy
• driven excessively by ideas of success


Narcissistic personality could be a genetic predisposition. It also could be the result of parenting or educational experience that focused too heavily on achievement or perfection, or parenting that was negligent.


Treatment for narcissistic personality entails psychotherapy. A therapist can work with a client, lowering expectations of self and others. Therapy also helps in the recognition of negative beliefs and thought patterns, redirecting these to stable, realistic thoughts.

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