Multicultural concerns are daily struggles that arise as a result of bringing together multiple cultures.  Every person comes from a unique background that they bring to each of their relationships.  Things like religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and customs must be integrated into a coherent whole in multicultural relationships.

Examples of Issues

  • Negative stereotypes
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Blended families with different religious backgrounds
  • Language barriers between families
  • Differing food desires
  • Different approaches to medical care

Different Expressions

Social interaction varies greatly from one culture to the next, making it difficult to cross the boundaries without a concerted effort to fit in without assimilating.  Two people from different cultures may meet and not be able to communicate due to their different backgrounds.  Great care must be taken when interacting in multicultural contexts like international business deals and interfaith relationships.


Multicultural concerns are not a diagnosable mental health condition.  These issues add stress by causing arguments and miscommunications about major decisions.  It can be helpful to see a therapist who will promote open communication about different cultural needs and backgrounds so that family members can thrive together without fighting.  There are also risks of depression when people’s needs are unmet, so cultural needs play a crucial part in a relationship.  It is also important to consider a therapist’s cultural background when choosing who to speak with.

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