A Mid-Life Crisis is a period around the middle point of the life cycle in which one comes to realize the depth of their mortality, resulting in changes in perspective and goals.  Knowing that life is half over can cause some people to have a sort of crisis as they compare the place they thought they’d be with the place they are.  This often leads to certain behavior changes and shifts in goals.


  • Sudden concern relating to health
  • Unhealthy comparison focused thinking
  • Affinity for philosophical questions
  • Excessive worry about the future
  • Rumination about past decisions
  • Excessive thoughts about death
  • Depression and Anxiety about life choices


Depression is a common feeling when in the throes of a mid-life crisis.  In this sense, it can be harmful to a person’s psyche and result in unhealthy behaviors.  It’s easy to get caught in self-defeating thoughts and spiral downward, but this is not inevitable.  In fact, a mid-life crisis need only be a crisis by name.  For some people, this time period can result in a push to engage in healthy behaviors.  Some people may start going to the gym, spending more time with family members, or even volunteer their time.  People respond differently to crises and therefore every person’s mid-life crisis will have different outcomes.


It’s possible to make efforts to prevent a mid-life crisis from occurring, but it may be more helpful to accept the time as a natural response to the mid-life point.  In this regard, psychotherapy can be extremely beneficial for the individual to voice their concerns and organize thoughts.  A therapist will determine if the issues necessitate more intensive intervention, but it is more likely that the therapeutic relationship will enable the client to work through their struggle and emerge even stronger.

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