Men’s issues covers a broad spectrum of issues that appear to only affect men.  Men have a traditional role and are typically expected to fill this role and present the traits of classic masculinity.  In modern times, men aren’t confined to the role of hunter of fighter.  Despite this societal shift in values, men may still experience internal conflict about walking a line between these two value sets.


  • Depression as a result of failure to provide
  • Not making desired amounts of money
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Medical Concerns
  • Divorce
  • Reconciling the role of masculinity
  • Anger

The Role of Shame

There is a serious pressure on men to be the strong character that is reminiscent of prehistoric times.  Yet somehow men are expected to maintain this character while also accommodating a gentler, more modern side that denies gender norms and appeals to a different audience.  Men are told to learn to share their emotions and be less stoic, but among themselves, men may not really desire to integrate this quality into their character.  Shame is very often used to manipulate and control men.  Men are shamed when they fail to be a portrait of strength, but they are also shamed when they are “too strong.”  This back and forth is an extremely difficult thing to reconcile.


It is difficult for men to seek help, particularly from a therapist, and this can cause issues to fester and get worse.  A therapist will help men normalize their issues, meaning they will learn in therapy that their troubles are things that all men struggle with.  In the long run, psychotherapy is highly beneficial in helping men think through and resolve their internal conflicts.

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