Life purpose is the concept that drives a person’s life and informs their goals and decisions.  It is the meaning that makes a person feel that they have a reason to live.  This philosophical question is addressed deeply in existentialism as well as existential psychotherapy.


Life presents many difficult situations and hardships that must be overcome.  Those who believe their life has a purpose have less difficulty navigating these hardships because they feel like they have a reason to continue.  Without this life purpose it can be difficult for a person to manage to work through tough times.


Those who suffer from depression often have a hard time believing that their life has a purpose, making it particularly difficult to manage the mood disorder because they see no reason for their suffering.  Without any greater meaning they have no reason to seek treatment for their depression.  Many people turn to religion to find this purpose.


If a person is struggling with depression they may need help in getting treatment.  Whether a person is struggling to choose a career path or find meaning in retirement, psychotherapy can help them organize their thoughts and find a direction.  A therapist will incorporate philosophical concepts and interpretations to help a client cut through the distractions and focus in on things that truly matter.

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