Difficulties with learning generally are noticeable by school age. Troubles communicating, imaginative play, and other crucial skills, such as reading, are prevalent.

Common Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

• poor grades
• delayed social skills
• troubles communicating
• poor recall or memory
• low self-esteem
• difficulty maintaining organization


Learning disabilities sometimes are hereditary. Complications during pregnancy or during birth can also cause learning disabilities.


Treatment for developmental disorders includes medication and therapy. Therapy models use of language, appropriate behaviors, and communication. Therapy emphasizes positive social behavior and encourages motivation and environmental interaction. When a person has trouble communicating, usually behaviors are used instead of words. A therapist can help with a client’s academic development and cultivate appropriate behaviors.

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Open Path’s therapists offer beneficial services that encourage insight, self-reflection, and healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapists reinforce positive emotions, placing emphasis on positive behaviors and the connection these behaviors have with feelings.

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