Health issues like illnesses pose a significant threat to physical wellbeing.  Illnesses can be chronic or short-term, but they always have unexpected consequences.  Stress is one such consequence that affects a person’s recovery.  But stress is also known to weaken the immune system, increasing the likelihood of getting sick.


When a person or a loved one is diagnosed with an illness it can blindside a family.  People can feel like they’ve lost control of their life when something seems to be hurting their health from the inside.  In addition to physical symptoms, a patient feels psychological changes.  They may get depressed, feel anxiety, or feel isolated by a disease.  Illness forces a person and their family to answer important questions about life, death, meaning, and grief.  Medical treatment may even challenge religious beliefs.


In conjunction with medical intervention, psychotherapy can give a patient an outlet for discussing and thinking through the stresses and challenges that accompany their diagnosis.  Therapists are trained in talking through the philosophical questions a person may have when facing a difficult diagnosis.  Therapy is often crucial in preventing feelings of isolation in patients and keeping morale high, even when medical outlooks aren’t positive.

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