A family of origin is the family that raises a person.  This can be their biological family or can consist of any combination of biological and non-biological members.  The family of origin is the family a person develops with and learns from, when crucial personality development takes place.  Values, beliefs, religions, and other ideologies are born here.


Not all family dynamics are positive, and it can be the negative dynamics that leave the most lasting impression.  A child can often feel as though their needs aren’t being meet.  Children can need more attention, love, and appreciation than seems necessary, and not getting it when it counts can lead to detriments later.  Even if physical or emotional abuse do not occur, a child can feel very hurt and be damaged in subtle ways.  It can be said that all relationships in a person’s life have patterns that stem from the relationships they experienced in their family of origin.


When specific issues like abuse are present, therapy is directed at keeping children safe and ensuring positive outcomes.  Therapy can be necessary and helpful as a child, when the family of origin is currently affecting mental health, or in adulthood, when the lasting impressions of the family of origin are still being felt.  A therapist will work to help a client heal by finding ways to reconcile trauma from childhood that reenacts itself in adulthood.

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