Excessive use of drugs, drug abuse, whether prescribed or not, can cause damage to social life and interpersonal relationships. Drugged driving, communication breakdown, and impulsive crime can all be caused by the abuse of drugs. Abuse also easily leads to addiction.

Common Symptoms of Drug Abuse

• increased tolerance
• depression
• aggression or violence
• preference to use above other duties or activities
• decreased performance at work or school
• fatigue
• withdrawal, such as sweating or shaking, after not using


Most of the time, drugs are misused as an unhealthy coping technique for stress or conflict. Drug abuse often coincides with preexisting mental health conditions, such as depression. An individual may be likely to self-medicate. Because the original stressor has not been properly addressed, drug use becomes the individual’s primary method of self-regulation, and the more stress that is introduced, the more the individual needs to find relief through the substance abuse or addictive behavior. Aside from this cyclical nature, drug abuse may also be hereditary.


There are a handful of resources for those struggling with drug abuse, from rehabilitation centers to medications that allow a tapering of symptoms to reduce withdrawal. Therapy, however, is necessary for a full recovery. A therapist can replace impulsive usage due to stress with healthy coping mechanisms such as breathing techniques or positive thought patterns.

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Open Path’s therapists offer beneficial services that encourage insight, self-reflection, and healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapists can aid in treating drug abuse, offering support and guidance to a wholesome lifestyle.

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