Domestic violence predominately happens in a relationship already rife with emotional abuse and controlling behaviors. It is commonly recognized that there are three stages of domestic violence, oscillating in predictability of tension, violence, and then a period of making up, that then resorts back to tension.

Benefits of Therapy for Domestic Violence Survivors

• restore self-image
• build interpersonal relationship skills, such as trust
• overcome anxieties
• overcome feelings of guilt and anger
• recognize triggers of negative responses
• treat resulting depression or anxiety


While counseling for partners in the throes of a violent relationship is not recommended, therapy can help survivors of domestic violence. Domestic violence is often traumatizing, and low self-esteem, anxiety, and fear commonly accompany that trauma. A therapist can guide clients back to a life of health and healing.

We Can Help

Open Path’s therapists offer beneficial services that encourage insight, self-reflection, and healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapists offer clients the support necessary to heal from domestic violence, redirecting feelings of blame or guilt to more positive thoughts.

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