The end of any significant relationship can cause excess stress, but divorce tends to exert a particular burden on families.  In some cases, divorces can be traumatic.  For the two formerly married adults, divorce may come at the end of a long road of turmoil and is expected.  Children, however, may be blindsided by divorce.  It is natural for a grief period to occur after divorce as children feel the perceived loss of their family unit.


  • Constant fighting
  • Threats to leave
  • Infidelity
  • Abuse
  • Financial problems
  • Differing parenting styles
  • Disagreements about the future of children


  • Children can feel lied to
  • Children may be blamed
  • Children may feel worry about their future living arrangements


 Couples therapy is beneficial for determining if a divorce is the right solution.  Sometimes two adults recognize that their problems are irreconcilable and need to end the relationship.  A therapist can help add clarity in situations when the future is less concrete and the couple is resisting the urge to split up.  After or during a divorce, therapy can be extremely important in giving children an outlet.  When both parents are fighting, children can feel like they aren’t able to talk openly with either parent.  A therapist represents a safe, neutral party who is there solely on behalf of the children.  Having children talk with a therapist is crucial when parents attempt to use children as tools to manipulate the divorce.

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