Complications with development in children are generally noticeable by the age of two or three. Troubles communicating, imaginative play, and other crucial skills are prevalent. Sometimes, these people can fall into the autistic spectrum (PDDs, pervasive developmental disorder). Othertimes, it is milder (PDD-NOS, pervasive development disorder-not otherwise specified).

Symptoms of Developmental Disorders

• difficulty with language skills
• difficulty recognizing social cues
• little to no peer relationships
• repetition of routine and other behaviors
• aggression
• social isolation


For most struggling with developmental disorders, the cause remains unknown. However, complications during childbirth and genetic conditions possibly play a part in some.


Treatment for developmental disorders models use of language, appropriate behaviors, and communication. Therapy emphasizes positive social behavior and encourages motivation and environmental interaction. A therapist can help with a client’s academic development and cultivate appropriate behaviors. Applied Behavioral Analysis has shown to be most effective for clients dealing with autism. Treatment for behavioral disorders is not only beneficial for children, but also helps adults dealing with autism to keep from isolation.

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