The creative block has been the artist’s nemesis for nearly all of human history.  People go through periods of inspiration where they are able to produce content, but these peaks must also be balanced with troughs.  Creative blocks occur when a person can’t get their creativity flowing and feel uninspired and unable to create.  There are no time restraints on these blocks and they can affect anyone.


  • Personal issues that affect workflow
  • Emotional challenges caused by personal life
  • Poor work habits
  • Financial instability


A creative block is often a natural part of the creative cycle.  Blocks can be caused by excessively negative self-image and negative self-talk as artists can be prone to over-criticizing their own work and doubting their talent.  Mood disorders and anxiety about unrelated issues may also cause the creative flow to stop.


If a creative block is caused by a deeper issue, then psychotherapy is the right solution.  A death in the family, the end of a romantic relationship, or new responsibilities can all be stressors that stop the flow of ideas.  It’s important to note that for some people these situations can actually be the driving force behind creativity.  Everyone will respond to stress differently.  A therapist can help uncover underlying issues that connect to a client’s creative process even when the client is unaware of any such connection.  Art therapy is an option that can turn negative energy into creative energy in down times.

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