Chronic relapse often poses as the largest fear of a person recovering from addiction. Acclimating back into a life of abstinence and sobriety is tough and stressful. Staving off relapse is necessary for a successful addiction recovery.

How Therapy Prevents Relapse

• recognition of outside contributors
• recognition of warning signs
• accountability
• strengthen skills to avoid pressure to use
• develop tools to cope with conflict
• redirect desire to use to positive behavior


Therapy can help prevent relapse by aiding clients in the recognition of outside triggers. Treatment also gives support to for anxieties caused by concern of returning to using alcohol or drugs. A therapist can provide techniques to promote sobriety and stability.

We Can Help

Open Path’s therapists offer beneficial services that encourage insight, self-reflection, and healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapists can give guidance for the challenges of overcoming addiction.

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