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Borderline Personality

People struggling with borderline personality (BPD) tend to have irrational outbursts, thoughts of self-harm, and impulsive behavior. This loss of control tends to make for unstable relationships and difficulty socializing. Depression and eating disorders often accompany borderline personality.

Symptoms of Borderline Personality

• risky behavior
• distorted self-image
• impulsivity
• anger or aggression
• self-harm or suicidal thoughts
• fear of abandonment


While the cause of borderline personality is still yet to be determined, it seems to be an amalgamation of genetics and environmental or cultural factors.


Treatment for borderline personality can include both therapy and medication. A therapist can help shift negative thought patterns into positive ones. Therapy can also get to the core of self-belief, ultimately providing enlightenment on unwanted or harmful behavior. Effective treatment can reduce suicidal thoughts and accompanying depression.

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