People struggling with borderline personality (BPD) tend to have irrational outbursts, thoughts of self-harm, and impulsive behavior. This loss of control tends to make for unstable relationships and difficulty in socializing. Depression and eating disorders often accompany borderline personality.

Symptoms of Borderline Personality

• risky behavior
• distorted self-image
• impulsivity
• anger or aggression
• self-harm or suicidal thoughts
• fear of abandonment


While the cause of borderline personality is yet to be determined, it seems to be a combination of genetics and environmental or cultural factors.


Treatment for borderline personality can include both therapy and medication. A therapist can help shift negative thought patterns into positive ones. Therapy can also get to the core of self-belief, ultimately providing enlightenment on unwanted or harmful behavior. Effective treatment can reduce suicidal thoughts and depression.