Children or adults dealing with short tempers or frequent derisive feelings for authoritative figures often are categorized as having behavioral issues. Argumentative attitudes and excessive defiance behaviors that appear to be symptoms of ADHD can interrupt daily social life and academic or work related achievement.

Symptoms of Behavioral Issues

• impulsivity
• aggression
• disregard to others’ boundaries
• disregard to rules
• verbal outbreaks
• difficulty maintaining relationships


Genetics, trauma, or unstable upbringing can all cause behavioral issues. Rejection or trouble with peers can intensify symptoms.


Treatment for undesirable behaviors includes medication and therapy. While medication is available for disruptive behavior, therapy aims to develop self-awareness and self-confidence in situations that could trigger reckless behavior. Clients in therapy can learn to recognize triggers or cues, managing anger outbreaks and focusing on positive self-control.

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