Batterer intervention programs are designed to teach those convicted of domestic violence about abuse, typically after being court ordered to complete such a program.  The focus is to hold the batterer accountable and rehabilitate them so they do not continue to be violent in domestic situations.


Domestic Violence can be caused by social norms and cultural practices that lead a person to believe battery is acceptable.  These people typically want to maintain control over others.  Some theories hold that family interactions and structures can cause battery to occur in a family, including the experience of battery as a young child.  Other approaches will attribute battery to certain characteristics in the individual’s personality, such as personality disorders, brain chemistry, and exposure to battery throughout life.


Some programs show battery from a women’s perspective and emphasize the cultural elements that normalize battery.  These programs teach batterers to bring equality to their relationships.  Family focused programs teach the batterer social skills that allow them to express themselves without violence and resolve conflicts without aggression.  If an individual is believed to have personality flaws leading them to commit domestic violence, psychotherapy is recommended to analyze these issues and treat their roots.

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