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Autism affects a good deal of people. The spectrum of autism ranges in diversified degrees from highly capable of functioning to impaired daily activity. Fixations on routine and impeded social skills often hinder those struggling with autism.

Symptoms of Autism

• difficulty recognizing social cues
• impulsivity
• awkward body language
• social isolation
• distress over slight changes
• avoiding eye contact and physical touch
• aggression
• abnormal eating or sleeping behaviors
• fixation on certain objects, to the point of obsession
• repetition of routine and words or phrases


The cause of autism is not yet known.


Treatment for autism models use of language, appropriate behaviors, and communication. Therapy emphasizes positive social behavior and encourages motivation and environmental interaction. A therapist can help with a client’s academic development and cultivate appropriate behaviors. Applied Behavioral Analysis has shown to be most effective. Treatment for autism is not only beneficial for children, but also helps adults dealing with autism to keep from social isolation.

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