Anger is a perfectly natural and common emotion. It can be experienced via mild irritation or furious rage. It can be caused by external stressors or internal dialogue. What is most important is not the occurrence of anger, but its management.

Symptoms of Anger Management Deficiency

• irritability
• frequent arguing
• violence
• turning to alcohol or drugs to quell anger
• inability to let go of anger


Trouble managing anger can stem from all sorts of things. Sometimes, it is due to a lack of parental modeling. It could also be due to current medication or even PTSD. Stress at home or on the job also can make it difficult to control anger.


Anger can be expressed healthily as assertive behavior to express any unmet needs at the core of frustration. Often, however, anger is ignored and suppressed into passive aggression or violent outbreaks.

Anger management aims for healthy objectives so that the client can express feelings without the risk of explosive behavior. Therapy can help a client discover triggers and control anger and aggression. A therapist can provide calming mechanisms such as breathing techniques or meditation to the client among other useful tools to manage anger.

We Can Help

If you are interested in taking online anger management courses, we provide over 52 hours worth of court approved classes.

Open Path’s therapists offer beneficial services that encourage insight, self-reflection, and healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapists furnish a supportive environment, aiming to reduce stress and bolster the control of impulses and violent reactions.

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