• Physical: punching, kicking, slapping, throwing objects
  • Verbal: intentionally saying things that harm another person like insults or humiliating remarks


Anxiety can cause a person to feel like they need to act out and defend themselves, causing them to harm anyone standing in their way.  Anger is another closely related cause of aggression.  When a person can’t control or express their anger in safe and effective ways they may resort to violence.


Treatment for aggression and violent outbursts can include anger management courses.  Anger management teaches that it’s ok to feel anger, but that there are safe and unsafe ways of expressing this emotion.  Learning safe and healthy ways to express anger or anxiety prevents a person from feeling like they need to lash out violently.  A psychotherapist will be able to look deep into a person’s history to find the roots of their aggressive behavior before helping them turn their violence into more productive means of expression.

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