• Differing religions from one family to the next
  • Unanticipated health concerns
  • Language barriers
  • Different ethnicities
  • Presence and involvement of birth parents
  • Absence of biological parents


Those who are in the foster system can feel abandoned or even rejected by the people who they expect to love them, which can cause low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness or disapproval, and fears of abandonment.  Adopted children can struggle to develop a sense of identity because they feel as though they are lacking their beginnings.  Children may also experience anger toward their biological parents.


Children who are rejected by their birth parents can feel like they have suffered major trauma to their identity, making it extremely important for them to talk about these issues in order to grow past them and lead a fulfilling life.  Speaking with a psychotherapist can help children and teens who feel like they have no identity to look into themselves and find the characteristics of their personality that make up who they are.  Parents who have adopted their children are also likely to struggle with similar issues of not connecting with their children or simply not knowing how to explain the terms of the adoption.  Therapists can work to increase the level of communication between children and parents so that all needs can be met.

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