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I find Open Path to be a great alternative to independently offering a sliding scale in my practice. I didn’t want to bother with the traditional sliding scale where I offer a range of prices and then have to determine what clients get what price. With Open Path, all I have to do is open or close my availability to match the number of slots I offer. It’s a given that Open Path is a helpful thing for both clients and therapists. It’s an added bonus that Open Path is basically advertising my low fee slots.

Cindy Norton

I joined a couple of years ago when I first began building my private practice and was seeking an affordable way to attract clients. I began working with some incredible clients through Open Path who were thrilled to have this service readily available and accessible from the Internet. I am grateful to have gained the wonderful clients from Open Path, who have also referred additional clients to me. These clients have told their friends and family about Open Path, too. It’s a great resource that has offered so much in the marketplace for both clients and clinicians.

Asha Tarry

The mission and methods of Open Path are aligned with my own values. Open Path is not trying to profit from or exploit either the clients or the therapists. Instead they’re making therapy affordable to individuals who are struggling financially. Member therapists are valued by Open Path and this is explicitly communicated by Open Path policies. Working with Open Path I gain a way to give back to my community as well as referrals for my low-fee slots. I’ve also gained the opportunity to work with some wonderful clients. I am truly proud to be a part of this community, and support Open Path’s efforts wholeheartedly.

Vinodha Joly