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  • Find therapists for rates that range between $30 and $50 a session
  • In-office care from a vetted Mental Health Professional
  • Your lifetime membership will allow you to see anyone in our network for the rates listed above, at any point in time. This is our guarantee.
  • Open Path is a recognized nonprofit leader in helping people access affordable, high quality psychotherapy services
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What Is Open Path?

We are a group of therapists that believe in widening the opportunities individuals, couples, and families have to access affordable therapy in the Houston area. We ask prospective clients to pay a one-time, lifetime membership fee of $49 to become members of Open Path in Houston.

Open Path Members Receive:

In office, private practice therapy for $30 to $50 a session.
The potential savings.

Over time our clients save hundreds or thousands of dollars from current market rates for private psychotherapy. In fact, it takes just two sessions to recover one's membership fee and start saving. This is both affordable healthcare and smart healthcare.

A lifetime membership.

This means that if you want to see a different therapist in our network, Open Path's per-session prices will always be available to you. Even many years down the road! (as long as you still are in need of discounted, low-fee psychotherapy, of course).

Peace of mind.

You'll be working with one of our experienced, vetted, licensed (or pre-licensed) professionals in their private office. We take your mental health seriously and we do everything we can to ensure you will be working with a therapist you can trust.


(All testimonials are voluntarily submitted)
I'm so grateful for Open Path. I am uninsured and really needed help. I wanted to see a therapist that I could choose myself, and Open Path made that possible. This is a great service.
T.R.Open Path client
I've struggled with anxiety for many years. Finding the right therapist is never easy and usually the ones I want to see are out of my price range. With Open Path I was able to pick a therapist I felt confident about, and my experience so far with her has been great.
B.C.Open Path client
I'm so happy that Open Path exists. Thank you and thanks to all of the therapists that are helping to make this inspiring group possible.
J.E.Open Path client
I couldn't find anyone I wanted to work with who would take my insurance. Because of Open Path for the price of my co-pay my girlfriend and I can go to couples counseling.
D.S.Open Path client
I searched high and low for an affordable therapist that could work with my 9 year old daughter. My daughter's [Open Path] therapist is professional, smart, and really good at what she does. And I can afford her rates. I can't tell you what a relief it is to find you.
H.F.Open Path client

Featured Therapists:

Christina Titus (HGI Counseling center)
Marriage & Family Therapist - [
Houston, TX
Have you ever felt helpless, hopeless, powerless, worthless, lost, alone or confused? How about angry, hurt, frustrated or sad? Then you are not alone. Counseling helped me and my family to redefine our journey and know that our story was not over. S...
Robert Hilliker (Robert Hilliker PLLC)
Clinical Social Worker/Therapist - LCSW, LCDC, CDWF-C
Houston, TX
Robert Hilliker, LCSW, LCDC, CDWF-C received his Master’s degree from the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work. Following graduation Robert pursued additional training working as a Post-Graduate Social Work Fellow at The Mennin...
Jennifer Ackerman
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern
Houston, TX
I work with clients dealing with a variety of issues, from all different cultural, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. While engaging in therapy with you, I will always take into consideration your culture and your unique situation whil...
Tanvi Patel (Memorial Psychotherapy)
Psychotherapist - Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Houston, TX
Have you been high achieving and are suddenly are struggling? Are you angry or lonely in your relationship and need help reconnecting? Are you a new parent & need help with more information or support? These are three specialties I have experienc...
Deidre C. Jackson
Bellaire, TX
The course of therapy is to guide clients through difficult transitions within in their lives. We all experience the gamut of emotions; however, it is when our emotions are out balance that we should seek professional help. Allow me the opportunity t...