If you’re a New Yorker or a New Yorker-at-heart, you may have noticed these rainbow posters appearing in subway stations and on the internet this month, making things a little brighter.

Pride Train is a guerrilla anti-bigotry project by advertising executive Thomas Shim and a cohort of likeminded friends in support of LGBTQ individuals and their rights. There are several versions of the poster. All blend into the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s poster design with an extra rainbow pop: giving riders a reason to reread and rethink about their LGBTQ friends and neighbors, who are three times more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Shim has been interviewed about the project, and notes that though the effort is not endorsed by the MTA, they aren’t actively preventing Shim and collaborators from affixing the signs, either. “They let us do our thing. I think they’ve seen how it makes people feel and they’re letting us be,” said Shim.

Thank you, Thomas Shim and friends, for doing your thing. We need your positive action. What would this world be, without positive action?

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