We pay therapists $50 for each published therapist you refer to us.


We’re thrilled to be able to connect so many clients in need with the altruistic professionals in our collective. Given the increased demand from clients, we need more therapists to join our movement. 

Word of mouth has always been our most effective form of advertising here at Open Path. For that reason, we are asking you to send your colleagues and therapist friends our way. We will reward you for your efforts!


How to Make a Referral

Send your unique referral link (located in your account dashboard) to fellow therapists and tell them about us. When they apply and are successfully published on our site, you will be credited with $50. It really is that easy. If you need help communicating the benefits and how-to’s of Open Path just let us know. We can be reached at therapists@openpathcollective.org.


How to Receive Your Award

Make sure to update your account dashboard with your Venmo or PayPal information so we can easily send your money on the Friday after the new therapist is published. If you do not already have Venmo or Paypal, please use these instructions to register for an account. We will not use any other payment methods to send the referral fee.


Who Can Make Referrals?

All Open Path member therapists can make referrals and receive referral awards. If you’re a therapist who is not published in Open Path’s directory, you can still get a referral link and gain referral awards by contacting us at therapists@openpathcollective.org.


Thank You!

It is incredible to see the number of clients seeking affordable therapy grow consistently and quickly, and we want to ensure that each of these folks gets the support they deserve. With your help, we can grow the collective together and meet the increased demand for affordable therapy. Thank you for being a part of our community.