Open Path is growing! With over 24,000 clients and climbing, we’re looking for new therapists across the country to join Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. We want to share with you, our supporters, a new video we have for clinicians in private practice who may not know about us yet:


Know a therapist who may not have heard about us? Pass this on!

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is only as good as the therapists who sign on, giving a portion of their time to a person who needs a lower rate in order to make therapy work for them.

For a therapist, joining Open Path is a commitment on top of the lifelong commitment to practice psychotherapy. We get this. We were founded by someone who also felt a pang of responsibility to reach those who couldn’t afford his normal fee.

With mental health needs ever increasing and economic disparity ever widening in all corners of our country, we are ever seeking new therapists who feel that pang. Therapists who might already be the heart and engine of affordable therapy in their community. Open Path is a collective supporting these therapists.

Are you one of the therapists we describe above? We hope you’ll consider joining Open Path. Learn more here.